About Us

Our core values


We give you the comfort of knowing that our brand is based on truth, honesty and integrity. We don’t mark up our prices to mark them down. We firmly stand behind our products so that you can be confident they are true to label.


Design and quality

We give you the comfort of knowing that we have travelled the world to find the best materials, the latest techniques and the current trends. Regardless of price point we back each of our products as being the best they can be.


Expert knowledge

We give you the comfort of knowing that we have 43 years’ experience and a passion for innovation This means you get advice and service from our extremely knowledgeable team, who have the foundation of expertise combined with the latest advances, to ensure you leave with the product that is right for you.



We give you the comfort of knowing that you are purchasing responsibly. We make regular site visits and undertake independent ethical audits to ensure our suppliers are providing safe, clean and fair working conditions for their people.


The story of comfort

We seek it. We treasure it.

It’s never far from our thoughts.

Found in familiarity. Like sitting under a soft blanket on the couch.

Seen in the sleeping faces of children snuggled peacefully in their beds.

When we have it, we offer it to others.

It’s for sharing after all.

It’s that instant when you know that everything is going to be alright – and already is.

Always appreciated, forever welcome; our happy place.

And it is home that is the canvas upon which we express what comfort really means to us.

It’s where we truly make comfort our own.